Vehicle Agency Management System Software  

is specially designed & developed to suit the requirement of Hero Honda Dealers, SSPs and ARDs. It is multi user, network based software and has various modules through which the whole establishment is maintained. Other than the regular modules of bike & spares sales, purchase and  inventory, Service, Job Cards, Good Life / Passport, Registration, Insurance and Accidental Claims it has an in-built module to Send SMS. This software has complete administrative control, Powerful analysers and reports, Automatic financial year changer, Maintains data of various financial year together, Windows based with total keyboard and mouse control and Simple to learn & easy to use.

Features :
  • In built SMSing at various format and purpose.

  • Quotation Reminder, Service Reminder, Insurance Reminder, Service Feedback, Passport Members & Gifts Issued etc on fingers tips.

  • Powerfull but Simple to use Query Analyser for Bike Sales, Spare Sales, Service (Job Card), Passport, Insurance, registration etc.

  • Export to Ms-Excel and Ms-Word facility in all reports.

  • Direct Download of Bike and Spare Purchased with Parts Master.

  • Order generator in Excel file for Direct Spare Purchase.

  • Auto Data Backup and Recovery modules.

Functionalities Covered :

Bike Sales

  • Retails Sales and Taxed (ARD, SSP) Sales of Bikes

  • Sale certificate for Retail and Taxed Invoice

  • Sales Booking

  • Registration Details

  • Insurance Details

  • Quotation

  • Insurance Reminder


Spares & Servicing

  • Spare, Accessories, Mobile Sales both to Taxed and Retail Customers.

  • Spare Issued for PDI/FOC

  • Spare Return

  • Sales Analyser

  • Stock Analyser

  • On Line Job Card

  • Spare Issued to Jobs

  • Invoice Generation of Service with depreciation & FOC

  • Warranty Servicing

  • Accidental Claims

  • Vehicle History Card

  • Job Card Analyser

  • Service Reminder

  • Service Feedback



  • Passport Master with Member Photograph

  • Passport Status

  • Points Entry

  • Gift Issued

  • Pending Gifts

  • Gift Stock



  • Bike Purchase from company as well as from dealers

  • Spare Purchase from company as well as from dealers

  • Accessories and Mobile purchase

  • Passport Gift purchase


On Screen Queries

  • Bike Sales in a specified period,model wise, colour wise, customer wise

  • Bike Stock with Ledger

  • Spare Stock with Ledger

  • Insurance Analyser done in a period, expiring in a specified period etc.

  • Job Card analyser Service Category wise, Service No. wise jobs done is a specified period

  • etc




  • Nsure+ Generator

  • Service Planner

  • Vehicle Colour Changer

  • Vehicle Model Changer

  • ARD Collection Entry

  • Voucher Entry for Expenses

  • Calculator

  • Stock Opening Entry for Bike and Spares

  • Software Parameters Maintainer

  • System Taxes Master

  • Password Changer

  • Database Backup

  • etc



  • Sales Register for Bike and Spares

  • Purchase Register for Bike, Spares and Accessories.

  • Model Wise Sales Report

  • Details Spare Sales Report (with Different heads for Hero Honda Spares, Accessories, Mobile etc)

  • ARD Sales Report

  • ARD Ledger

  • Job Card Collection Report

  • Team/Mechanic Wise Job Card Collection Reports

  • Service Wise Job Card Collection Reports

  • UnSettled Job Card for Accidental Claims

  • FOC Issued on Job Cards

  • Bank wise Financed Vehicle Report

  • Registration Report

  • Insurance Report

  • Passport Report

  • Spare Isued for PDI/FOC Report

  • Dues on Customers Report

  • Expense Reports

  • etc



  • Vehicle (Bike) Master

  • Spare Master

  • Customer Master

  • Supplier Master

  • Passport Gift Master

  • Labour Rate and Job Master

  • ARD wise commission Master.

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